I believe that life is full of treasures and everyone is given an opportunity to find their own destiny. My life began in the 40’s yet my passions began in the 90’s. I definitely took some roads less traveled and made my mistakes. Yet, as Maya Angelou has said,”If we knew better, we would have done better.” My mistakes have taught me forgiveness, love, compassion and understanding for life’s precious and fragile gifts. I was a teacher for children for 37 years. During that time, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to incredible teachers and mentors. One of those mentors came to me to offer her expertise in different fields of art. Her name was Gemma Taccogna. I stayed with Gemma for 11 years and within that span, I learned how Picasso painted and how he developed his different styles. Moreover, I learned how Marc Chagall created his works of art. These very famous artists were Gemma’s teachers. Now, when I paint I feel their strength and energy. I feel passionate about what I paint and if I like it, I keep it. I strive to paint unusual deep paintings where my subconscious leads me to deliver what I create. My art will often expose what is a mystery to myself and this makes me feel unveiled, vulnerable, and open.



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